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Why You Need
Ultra Wifi Pro

Ultra Wifi Pro Eliminates the most common
and frustrating problem such as

Eliminate Dead Zones and Boost Your Internet
Connection Like Never Before

UltraWifi Pro is proven to more than double your wireless internet signal, allowing a stronger, more reliable connection. Designed to automatically detect, connect, and rebroadcast your router's signal, UltraWifi Pro turns your entire house into a Wi-fi hotspot.

UltraWifi Pro eliminates internet speed problems caused by long distance, multiple devices and dead zones. Enjoy lightning fast internet throughout your entire house (even outside!). Almost double your internet speed without adding to your expensive monthly bill.

Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal For a Faster Internet Connection

  • Increase Signal Strength

    Enjoy blazing fast internet in every room of the house(even outside!). No more worrying about dead zones or thick walls

  • Easy Installation

    Simple plug and play setup & is compatible with all routers. No tools, technician, wires or experience required.

  • Save Money

    Enjoy faster internet without having to spend money on expensive plan upgrades. No more getting bullied by greedy internet service providers!

Read What Recent
Customers Have Been Saying

Easy to use and install

Easily set it up for use in my apartment ,now have a strong wifi signal everywhere . Very pleased with the price and the ease of set-up. Easily set this up for use in my apartment ...When working, my wireless speed is noticeably improved from what it was before.

Brooke G.

Life changer

My Wifi modem from my cable provider is up at the very front of our home. When walking half way down our hallway we drop our signal significantly and by the time you walk to the end you have no signal. The extender fixed that with ease.

Tommy Backsted

So happy with this purchase

This is really a savior, amazingly lightens my home wifi range to other corner. Easy install and saved a lot of money as i thought first to buy google wifi 3 set. Now i can get all 3 wifi signal highlighted. I will recommend this.

Breelan Trean

Highly Recommend

This thing works perfect!For all of the reviewers saying that the instructions were unclear or it was hard to set up...i really don't see how it could have been any easier. It gives you step by step simple instructions to set it up. it took me a total of maybe 3 minutes to have this thing set up and running and its been going ever since!

Gracie Kent